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Audatia print and play deck: Nikodemus

Grüße, Mein Herr!

I am the renowned knight Nikodemus Kariensis, Master of the Liechtenauer style of longsword combat, and The Patron of Audatia.

In this game, designed by Samuli Raninen and based on Guy Windsor's research into medieval combat, you get to use my magnificent skills in the Liechtenauer style of swordsmanship, destroying our enemies with potent efficiency. Bring on your mandrittoes and your porta di ferros, I shall smite you all with my mighty Oberhau, my Hidden Strokes and my cunning Winden!

To face you, if they dare, your opponent will need their own deck.

Eat my Steel!

Nikodemus Kariensis

The Print and Play files for one Audatia character: Nikodemus Kariensis, The Patron of Audatia!

Audatia is a two-player swordfighting card game based on authentic historical swordsmanship. You can play by printing out two copies of this character, or buy another character deck. As far as possible the game reproduces the swordsmanship style of the Italian master, Fiore dei Liberi. Don't forget to download the Expanded Rules, they are a) essential and b) free!

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